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The Lowest Pair

Double banjo all the way, across the sky
Sweet love, won't you come with me. We can roll around under the cherry tree.
lyrics from Living Is Dying

36¢ is The Lowest Pair’s debut record recorded months after Kendl Winter (Olympia, Washington) and Palmer T. Lee (Minnesota) decided to form the primarily double banjo outfit. Recorded and engineered by Dave Simonett (Trampled by Turtles) at Suburban Dad Studios, it’s the early pickin’s, sweet off the tree, a newly formed endeavor by two seasoned pros. The duo swap lead vocals throughout the album’s 11 tracks, combining Kendl’s banjo skills with Palmer’s midwestern croon. Prior to this Kendl has released 3 full length albums under her name for K Records and Palmer has released two albums with his band Boys n’ the Barrels. Palmer has also performed with Drew Peterson and The Dead Pigeons.

About Kendl Winter - A traveler, a dreamer, and a banjo pickin’ songstress from Arkansas, now settled in the lush Eden green of Olympia, Washington. Kendl Winter sprouts alfalfa beans in mason jars in the back of the tour van and spreads her songs across the country Johnny Appleseed style. Her voice is beautifully unique and bold, and her songs are thoughtfully poetic and rooted deep within her diverse experiences. Previously of the Blackberry Bushes String band, she has branched off and out into new projects and new frontiers. Her captivating performances and solo work are even more powerful and mesmerizing. Stemming from an old-time and bluegrass bend grown from punk roots, Kendl brings to The Lowest Pair her wonderfully weaving poetry of song, old and new, a voice somewhere between Gillian Welch and Iris DeMent and throwing a little Olympia twist on those familiar sounds.

About Palmer T Lee - Minnesotan picker and songcrafter Palmer T. Lee was nineteen years old when he inherited a couple of banjos and discovered he could reassemble them into his dream instrument. He's been tweakin' and twangin' away ever since. Fronting Minneapolis's much loved high energy bluegrass band The Boys n' the Barrels, supporting several other Minneapolis based bands and songwriters including Drew Peterson and The Dead Pigeons, and Black Audience... and now working in duet with Kendl Winter, The Lowest Pair. Solo, he is a performance not to be missed. His voice is warm and sad with longing like that of Townes Van Zandt yet laughing and whooping like that of John Hartford. Palmer's songs are distilled into the warm sweet sounds of his percussive wordplay and the melodic interludes of his own unique style played on his pieced together banjo.