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Break out the box of chocolates and have a date with dreamy Norwegian indie pop/shoegaze
History can’t be replayed, it’s different with board games.
lyrics from Eye See You

LOVELOVELOVE was started as a solo side project of the Norwegian hardcore band Aristillus' front man, Simon Dolmen Bergseth, early 2012. It wasn’t long before it went from being a side project, until it became the main project.

In August 2012 they released their first release, a delicious shoegaze/post-rock EP called "Your Heart Stops With The Beat", produced by Marcus Forsgren from Jaga Jazzist and The Lionheart Brothers.

In September 2012 the quintet made ​​their first concert at Hulen in Bergen. Since then they have established themselves as one of the most promising live acts we have in Norway. Even three weeks after the first concert, they did support for Omar Rodriguez Lopez from The Mars Volta, and in late October 2012, they were hand-picked by Sondre Lerche as his support for one of the main stages in Oslo, Norway.

Their debut album, "Kaleidoscope" is also produced by Marcus Forsgren and mastered at the Cutting Room Master by the famous Björn Engelmann. The cover artwork is designed by Simen Skari from the band Team Me - a delicious 180grams white vinyl, wrapped in a beautiful gatefold cover. There is also 50 available copies of an limited edition vinyl!

LOVELOVELOVE is Simon Bergseth, Edvard Seim, Axel Skalstad, Hanna Furuseth and Ida Holmen. ‘Kaleidoscope’ was released at the 24th of January, on the Norwegian label Kakao Musikk.