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The Glockenwise

Rowdy Portuguese garage punk with a goal to make you have as much fun as possible
I tried my best to fit in from town to town, I tried my best to look cool when you're around.
lyrics from Leeches

The Glockenwise is a group of 4 kids from Portugal. The band formed in 2006 with one ultimate goal: to have as much fun as possible, regardless of the consequences. Bandmates - Nuno Rodrigues, Cristiano Veloso, Rafael Ferreira, and Rui Fiusa figured the easiest way to accomplish such goal was to listen to loud punk music in a obsessive way.

The Glockenwise released their 1st “EP” for the Lovers & Lollypops label in 2009 and in 2011 they released their debut album “Building Waves” which was followed by a widely successful tour of Europe. In 2013 their second full-length album, "Leeches", got them to play the best venues and festivals in Portugal, like Optimus, Primavera Sound and Paredes de Coura. When it is said that there are few rock bands in Portugal, it’s no lie, but after you hear a record as fierce as “Leeches”, the question becomes secondary.

The Glockenwise assert an indie-garage-lo-fi-punk-rock sound on their latest effort “Leeches”, Channeling similarities to the likes of the Ramones, MC5, Stooges and the Black Lips in todays rock'n'roll spectrum. They like to try new things and the band undeniably displays that facet on “Leeches”. They’re seeking to create a discography that is not monotonous. This greater diversity regarding their progression into “Leeches”, turns out to be essential, for it is putting The Glockenwise at the forefront of the national alternative rock music scene.