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Jordan Klassen

Poetic, imaginative songwriting steeped in sonic whimsy and alluring multi-textured melodies
Wake with your head where the light always crept through the glass to your bed and you breathe and your breath.
lyrics from Go To Me

Jordan Klassen is a songwriter from Western Canada (Vancouver, Calgary) who quietly released an EP entitled Kindness last year. After steady increases in accolades, radio play and live crowds, Jordan’s new full length Repentance is a lot less quiet.

Is there such a thing as unsentimental sincerity? If so, this could be it. A resonate warmth carries Klassen’s crafted, literate lyrics through vivid images and stories. Repentance juxtaposes a multi-textured simplicity with a trembling confidence and a fresh familiarity. Playful and wise, vast and intimate, the album travels from the jubilant in “Go to Me” and “Piano Brother” to the quiet intensity of “The Horses are Stuck” and “Strengthen Me With Raisins.” These are songs that fuse melody and poetry, stinging the imagination and summoning forgotten emotion.

Recorded at Buena Vista Audio with Producer/Multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Anderson (Aidan Knight, In Medias Res, Sheree Plett), the album employs diverse instrumentation. Ukuleles, strings, horns, choirs, glockenspiels, omnichords all make appearances alongside guitars, pianos, and drums with Klassen’s floating falsetto drawing everything together.

Released across North America in the fall of 2013 on the quickly expanding indie label Nevado Records (Library Voices, John Grant, Bahamas, Royal Canoe, GROUNDERS, Yukon Blonde, etc), Repentance is an engaging and beautiful record, steeped in sonic whimsy and alluring melodies. 

The first single from Repentance, “Go To Me,” was released in the summer with an accompanying video and remix courtesy of long time Jordan collaborator Teen Daze. The summer also saw Jordan playing festivals in Western Canada along with select shows in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Toronto and Montreal. With the release of Repentance in the fall, Jordan embarked on extensive Canadian and American tours.

Repentance also has an accompanying illustrated lyric book featuring art from Vancouver artists that is available for sale at Jordan’s shows as well as and