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Slip into a higher level of relaxation with calming chillwave from a Polish electronic duo
Don't forget to kill me with blades of your mouth, hurt me with the words that you're saying.
lyrics from Hurt Me

XXANAXX are a Polish electronic music duo from Warsaw, formed in 2012. The band consists of Klaudia Szafrańska, age 19, on vocals and Michał Wasilewski a.k.a Lance Flare, age 31, on instrumentals.

Though the duo met in Warsaw, Klaudia is originally from Konin, while Michał is from Szczytno. After appearing on the Polish edition of X Factor, Klaudia was looking for a producer. At the same time, Lance Flare was in search of a vocalist. Both needed just one meeting to decide they wanted to work with each other.

They share the same interest in experimental electronic music. Their compositions are full of analog sounds, deep bass, ambient reverbs and their beloved Roland TR 808 drums. This mixture, combined with Klaudia's voice, makes an unusual music experience that takes the listener to a higher level of relaxation. The genres that they feel most connected to are chillwave, witch house and electronica.

The duo’s first single, entitled “Disappear,” was released at the beginning of December 2012, on Polish electronic label U Know Me Records. This was followed by the release of the Disappear EP in August 2013, also through U Know Me Records. XXANAXX is currently working on their first LP.