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Frantic, eccentric, yet utterly charming bursts of rock and roll straight out of Vancouver, Canada
I'll be a Monarch Butterfly, I'll be king among the moths.
lyrics from Monarch Butterfly

Powered by the thick drum lines of Graham Serl, the growling bass of Chris McClelland, the machine that is Oliver Mann’s guitar playing and the dynamite frontman duties of Charlie Kerr, JPNSGRLS (read Japanese Girls) have successfully translated their legendary live show to a recording on their new album The Sharkweek EP. The five-song release was recorded over a year in a variety of different DIY locations including (but not limited to) the living rooms of their friends and families. “It’s an eclectic, energetic mix of something for everyone” states a clearly excited Kerr. “We just recorded the songs the way they sound live and then experimented with things we couldn’t do live, like having multiple guitar tracks and vocal harmonies and instruments we didn’t usually play. For example, ‘Friday The 13th’ was created entirely in the studio using keyboards which we’ve never really played around with. We were all trying out different things and getting out of our punk rock, live show comfort zone.”

While fans will be satiated by everything they’ve come to expect from the band, new listeners can expect to bob their heads and sing along to the catchy record which tells stories unique to Vancouver, a city Charlie Kerr has more pride in than the Boss does Jersey. “Vancouver's weather forces artists of all kinds to stay inside and be productive in that hermit headspace and work on their art because they can't hit the beach”, Kerr muses. “I believe that the rain is responsible for some of our best songs.”

The Sharkweek EP is about to solidify JPNSGRLS as a team of powerful players, not just on stage, but on headphones, and through car speakers. With this finished product, there’s no stopping a band that is completely devoted to going all the way with this. “I want kids to scrawl our band name and song lyrics and shit on their notebooks and backpacks and stuff. The minute I see someone who has JPNSGRLS written in sharpie on both of their Chuck Taylors I'll know that this was not for naught.”

In the spirit of the season, JPNSGRLS recently released the holiday track, "Red & Green" from the Light Organ Records label compilation EP Sleighed.

The band releases a new Limited Edition 12” Vinyl version of The Sharkweek EP on February 11th 2014. The record includes new bonus track ‘Mushrooms’ produced by Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, Mounties) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys). Bays and Calbi also handled production and mastering duties respectfully on the band’s upcoming debut full-length, out in spring 2014.