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Big Eyes

A Northwestern trio strips down rock and roll to its plug-in-and-play essence
I don't mind that you're not mine, it's just nice to feel like I'm wanted sometimes.
lyrics from Wanted Sometimes

No gimmicks, no angles, no bullshit – Big Eyes get straight to it with their plug-in-and-play attitude. This stripped down 3-piece possess a catchy sound that anyone can appreciate. Taking influences from rock and roll, punk, and power pop, all three genres shine through in their poppy but heavy as hell brand of rock and roll. With tasteful guitar work, clever chord changes and heartfelt infectious vocals, Big Eyes truly stand out from the masses of lo-fi bands that have been dominating the airwaves over the past few years.

Originally formed in late 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, singer/guitarist Kate Eldridge started Big Eyes after the demise of previous bands Cheeky and Used Kids. In late 2011 Big Eyes started fresh in Seattle, WA and solidified their line-up with bassist Chris Costalupes and drummer Dillan Lazzareschi. As with many hard working bands, Big Eyes are constantly on the road playing as many shows as they can in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Less than a month after Big Eyes self-released their first demo CD in early 2010, Philadelphia label Evil Weevil offered to press the demo to vinyl and inspired the band to release more records. In early 2011 Big Eyes started working with Don Giovanni Records (Screaming Females, Waxahatchee), releasing 2 records including a single, “Why Can’t I,” and their first full-length album, “Hard Life.” Their debut LP was released less than 2 weeks before the band switched coasts at the end of the summer, when the band started touring full time for the LP.

Another new year brought another new label and in 2012, Big Eyes started working with Grave Mistake Records who released their most recent single “Back From The Moon.” With this new heavy pop single the band received several rave reviews and multiple page interviews in Maximum Rock’n'Roll and Razorcake magazines. Of their “Back From the Moon” single Razorcake praises, “What’s not to like? Powerful vocals (some gravel, some honey, lots of heart), hooks aplenty, melodies locked tight.” Maximum Rock and Roll acclaims “Wow. This is badass. Seriously. This one is going to live on my turntable for a little while.”

In Summer 2012 Big Eyes joined forces with party-punks Mean Jeans (Dirtnap Records) on a tour to Awesome Fest in San Diego, CA. The tour spawned the idea to record a split 7 inch, later released in December on Dirtnap Records (Marked Men, Exploding Hearts). Big Eyes was promptly back on the road by November, embarking on a 6 week full U.S. tour with Orange County’s finest airheads Audacity (Burger/Recess Records). In support of the tour, Volar Records released a split 7 inch featuring the two bands. Throughout 2012 Big Eyes played over 125 shows. In 2013 they released their sophomore LP, “Almost Famous,” on Grave Mistake in May. With their new LP Big Eyes are turning a new leaf. Their hard-knock New York roots are still clearly planted, while the darkness of the Northwest leaves it’s mark.