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Dense transnational bass music that collides dubstep with acoustic strings and hypnotic voices
Gendjer-gendjer nong kedok’an pating keleler, Emake thole teka-teka mbubuti gendjer.
lyrics from Gendjer2

Grey Filastine is an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, but most often nomadic. He composes a dense transnational bass music that collides the low frequency pressure of dubstep with high-level beat science, acoustic strings and voices.

In 2012 Filastine dropped his third album, £00T, alongside a grip of potent videos, and a year-long world tour. Filastine uses percussion to fire off sounds and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart. The new live set for the £00T tour uses a custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanded to tour as a duo or trio, joined onstage by Indonesian vocalist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. You may have seen them at a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a sweaty Hong Kong nightclub, playing a football stadium in Casablanca, or touring the US alongside Beats Antique or Bassnectar.

Before making electronic music Filastine played with the Infernal Noise Brigade, a marching band he founded for the Battle of Seattle. He continues to use sound as a tool for political intervention with the Sound Swarm, an orchestra of bike-mounted megaphones conducted by pirate radio transmitters.