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French Cassettes

Sunny rays of indie pop: the ultimate weapon against winter frost
Oh to do something new, use your teeth for talking, not for blocking words you're scared to say.
lyrics from Teeth For Talking

Since the three founding members of French Cassettes met in high school in 2006, they’ve been making the kind of indie rock tunes that have garnered them a favorable reputation up and down the west coast.

After meeting in the small town of Ripon, CA, guitar player Mackenzie Bunch and brothers Scott and Thomas Huerta (vocalist and bassist, respectively) started writing music and pumping out EPs that gained them momentum and ultimately set the pace for a more mature sound represented on their recently released full-length album, Gold Youth. French Cassettes’ sound is a satisfying use of melodies and rhythms arranged into songs you’ll be dancing to and hooks you’ll be humming the next day. Prior to the release of Gold Youth, in the summer of 2011, (an incredibly hot summer by Ripon standards) the boys sweated out four songs that would later become their Summer Darling EP. The response to the EP put them on the radar for music lovers across the map. Soon after that encouraging release, and heading west to San Francisco, they met James Gallagher, a local Jazz drummer, who quickly filled the role it would take to perk up ears at gigs in and out of the city.

Armed with two roundhouse releases and a charming live show, French Cassettes are in prime condition to win over new hearts. After one listen, it’s easy to see why they have quickly earned a slot at the top of the list of bands you need to know.