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One of Seoul, South Korea's rising stars captivates with her honeyed vocals
I arrived well. Please don’t worry about me.
quote from Arrival

There was a girl who left her home for achieving the dream to become a singer. Only several years later, she became the most promising female singer-songwriter in the Korean indie music scene, under the name of “Fromm”. Before she even had a proper discography, her musical talent was already proven by being chosen as the “Hello-rookie” which was held under the sponsorship of the Korea Culture & Contents agency.

Since then, she has been invited to major Korean music festivals such as Jisan Valley Rock Festival (2012), Grand Mint Festival (2012) and Jisan World Rock Festival (2013).

"Arrival" is the first full-length album of this accomplished musician and the trigger for starting her career. “I arrived well. Please don’t worry about me.” As you listen to the first track “Arrival”, the story starts after arriving somewhere. While it sounds like a brief trip, it is actually about a long journey of life. The lyrics are what she said to her family when she left her home and came up to Seoul to become a singer. Like this, the album consists of the things that she has faced in her life and what we also face in ours, such as fear of strange things, homesickness, reminiscence, love, loneliness and dreams. The allure of the album is that the themes mix well with analogue and vintage sounds, and acoustic instruments are in perfect harmony with the arrangements for wind and strings. Her candid and understated vocal tone also livens up the songs and arouses the listener’s sympathy. Now, she has received an increase of support from Korean music fans with her new album, which fully shows her individuality, and she is waiting for the chance to introduce her songs to the wider world.