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Betty Who

Warning: spontaneous dance parties might erupt from this Sydney pop star's massive electro-synth beats
Won't you carry me away? After endless ballroom dreams with you starting every day, we'll be high society, we'll drink Chardonnay through the day.
lyrics from High Society

Betty Who is a woman away from home and an artist out of time. The classically-trained, Sydney-born indie-pop act quickly won over national press with her guerilla smash debut EP The Movement — and its unstoppable single “Somebody Loves You” — just months after she could legally drink a beer in the states.

Mixing undeniable melodies with massive beats, “The Movement” distills the best and most refreshing of the contemporary pop scene — Passion Pit’s electro-synths, Foster The People’s retro-futurism, Max Martin’s olympian hooks, and Robyn’s brassy fragility —through a modern distortion of classic 80s song craft. The result is a collection of tracks that unite mainstream mom and Brooklyn iconoclasts alike.

She stands at 6”1, taller than some NBA players, and is more open and engaging in personal conversation than your tipsy great-aunt. She is screamingly self-assured, with spiked-blonde hair and Ginger Spice heels, but with Marilyn Monroe’s warm elegance and bespoke couture in between. In her music, too, Betty Who is faithful to multiple touchstones, but answers only to herself.

“A huge part of what I do is taking influences from [past] music and mixing it in with the emotions I’m actually living through. We’re all secretly wrecks and we’re all in love and all being heartbroken. Combining those things for me has been a huge tool to get the sound I want. People love love. They love being in love, hearing about falling in love, and people love when people are good to each other. In my music, I’m really available to be the most vulnerable I can be.”

She is currently working on her debut album, scheduled for a 2014 release.