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Wesley Jensen

Picturesque folk that pays homage to Northern California's majestic landscapes
It feels like I was only a child growing up wild, and in the blink of an eye it all ran by.
lyrics from Solar Condos

Sometime ago, on a balmy September night a bright young capitalist, David Evans Jensen, along with his beautiful spouse & domestic engineer, Hope Jensen, engaged in coitus. As a result, the poetry & songs of Wesley Thurston Jensen can be heard today.

Wesley’s music is an embryonic sound burgeoning daily into panache emblematic of his modern & classical influences most commonly derivative of folk, experimental, or alternative genres. Lyrically, it is quite ordinary for Mr. Jensen to chronicle sought after questions, personal grief, doubts, relationships, and his refreshingly semi-optimistic worldview.

Jensen was born and raised in the small town of Redding, CA and his music often reflects this small town upbringing, heavily inspired by the people and scenery surrounding him. His lyrics are honest and music pure, mixing the best of new and old sound. Wesley has been around for 7 years and counting, touring the country and releasing a number of records including his latest, an upcoming full length album called Californian. Californian was produced and engineered by Jensen at his humble studio he calls, Whiskey Hound Studios. Different from previous folk-pop tunes, this new surf/pop noise/rock record pays great tribute to some of his favorite albums: Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Velvet Underground's Loaded, and Neil Young's On The Beach.