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Kanaku Y El Tigre

Wandering neo-folk that's a heartfelt portrait of a modern Peruvian culture
Wherever there's gold, there's a fugitive. And the fever scares its running feet just like the rest of us.
lyrics from Fugitive

Kanaku Y El Tigre is Lima, Peru’s response to the American neo-folk movement of bands like Mumford & Sons, but with lyrics that portray many of Lima’s landscapes and characters. Their debut album, Caracoles, released in 2011, is portrait of a modern Peruvian landscape; a heartfelt interpretation of both urban and rural sounds of a Latin American city that, in its later years, has been defined by multiculturalism. The album’s honesty-driven songwriting could serve as a window for those who have yet to discover the city and its stories.

“Bicicleta,” the band’s second single, put the band on the world’s radar after appearing in legendary surf documentary director Taylor Steele’s This Time Tomorrow. The song also appeared on the soundtrack of Asu Mare, the wildly popular Peruvian comedy film starring Carlos Alcántara, which led to the band’s first radio appearance.

Since releasing Caracoles, the album has achieved great recognition both in their hometown of Lima and abroad. Kanaku Y El Tigre has gone on to tour all over the world, including one of Mexico’s biggest music festivals alongside bands like Fujiga Miyagui (UK), Holy Fuck (Canada), Surfer Blood (USA), and Bicicletas (Argentina). The band was very well-received by Mexican audiences and press and, as a result, were invited to play alongside Bareto and Dengue Dengue Dengue at Peru’s Selvámonos festival. Later that year, they headlined the Bogotá art festival Yaveria, had a ‘song of the week’ on national Peruvian radio, and recorded live sessions for AmplificadoTV.