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Misteur Valaire

Imagine a funky party between 1930 and 2090, complete with playfully eclectic jams
When world bad vibes try to put you down, it’s time to turn it up.
lyrics from Gumshoe

Misteur Valaire (MV) is a band cultivating electro-jazz-rock-hip-hop-odd-sound- clips influences. The five band members’ paths crossed in a sandbox in their native town of Sherbrooke (a.k.a. Sherbrooklyn) when they were approximately 6 years old, but the works from this period were soon forgotten. After a music- oriented schooling, they founded what officially became Misteur Valaire in 2004. Successively influenced by the discovery of electronic music, a taste for diversified musical styles, pop culture and a weird interest for excerpts from dubious TV shows, forgotten politicians’ speeches and strangers’ conversations, Misteur Valaire produced three albums: Mr. Brian (2005), Friterday Night (2007) and Golden Bombay (2010). Because they were thoroughly taught jazz and were equally careful in nurturing their untaught eclecticism and kiddie sense of humour, they now give out a sound that is original, complex and polished, yet accessible and highly playful. Entertainers at heart, Misteur Valaire’s members have proven to be brilliant, born performers while touring Friterday Night and Golden Bombay. Big or small venue, in Quebec as in Europe, they get the crowd bouncing and turn each show into a crazy, exhilarating party. Because they like to be well surrounded and know the value of talented partners, Misteur Valaire call on artists they look up to for their voice and services in order to bring their creations to the next level (vocal features by Béni BBQ, Bran Van 3000, Gigi French, Senja Sargeant and Fanny Bloom, show staging by Brigitte Poupart...). Over the last few years, Misteur Valaire has known a growing success with the public, the medias and the industry: ginormous performance for a 100 000+ crowd at the Montreal Jazz Fest, sold out venues for the Golden Bombay tour, soundtrack of Over My Dead Body documentary, advertising contracts, collaboration with Moment Factory on the Ode à la vie project at the Sagrada familia in Barcelona, first live album, houseband at the Jutra, first Qualité Motel album – Misteur Valaire’s all-electronic side project – successful European tours, album sales that proved pay-what-you-want detractors wrong, nominations and awards at the Juno, Independant Music Awards, ADISQ and GAMIQ. In September 2012, after making tens of thousands of fans dance for over two years with the Quebec and European Golden Bombay tour, Misteur Valaire took two well-earned days off. Then, the members of the Montreal band once again gathered their instruments, electronic machines and special guests to create a fourth album. As they usually do, they worked on refining their sound, trying to offer an even better album and live experience. Misteur Valaire also took on this new opus with a clearer artistic vision, taking a more significant part in the creative process for the album’s visual, show and clip. Coherent and committed, but not chastened, they tweaked an album that feels like a trip through time and space. Sort of a funky party between 1930 and 2090, from Quebec to Hawaii. Like a night at the opera mixed with a rap battle and a fishing expedition. And for those who would like to live an enhanced Misteur Valaire experience, it is feasible from now on. Pursuing its search of a business model that brings the artist and its public closer and addresses the challenges of music production in this Web era, MV now offers itself in a “monthly subscription” option. In a tit for tat relationship, you provide the band with a regular support and receive in exchange unreleased audio and video content, access to exclusive events, the chance to take part in band decisions and lots of love. In other words, you can become friends with benefits with Misteur Valaire.