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Until The Ribbon Breaks

Old school passion cleverly weaved with weirdly wonderful melodies
So don’t we look pretty with nowhere to go? It’s cool to be lonely, didn’t you know?
lyrics from 2025

Straight outta Cardiff, Welshman Pete Lawrie Winfield aka Until The Ribbon Breaks could well be the next man to occupy all of our musical obsessions. From a golden era when the mix-tape once reigned supreme, Until The Ribbon Breaks embraces an old school passion and cleverly weaves together his sounds, samples and lyrics, honed in with the production skills not unlike that of previous musical genre hopping masters and songwriters such as Beck, Prince, Primal Scream and Massive Attack.

Until The Ribbon Breaks is a force like no other. Sound and imagery sliced together, making it almost impossible not to get sucked into his universe, bursting with big beats, delicate lyricism, intricate harmonies and interesting layers, altogether offering a haze of gritty synth, piano, and other weirdly wonderful melodies. His debut track ‘Pressure’ offers a starkly cathartic rumination upon decay and alienation, with moments of primal seduction and lust, and like all of his material, the experience depends on the listener, but the feeling remains potent regardless of who you are.

The UTRB video for 'Pressure' features edits from the David Lynch classic Lost Highway and quickly takes on a whole life of it's own when accompanied with the urgency of Pete's vocals and powerful instrumentals. It was this very video that Pete uploaded onto YouTube just 8 weeks ago, that sparked a tidal wave of interest and major intrigue amongst music fans, movie buffs and other curious communities online.

Rap entwined with early twentieth century poetry, film dialogue dressed up in beats, and ethereal vocals that could sit within the poignant scenes or moments of any Spike Lee, Tarantino or Scorsese flick. The compelling and cinematic aspect to his music is undeniable and something that has and will always go hand–in-hand with his work.

In order to make his forthcoming album and first single ‘Pressure’, Pete (who originally studied film) decided to approach neither art-forms in a traditional manner. In his hometown of the Bay Area of Cardiff, and armed with a film projector, a microphone, a drum machine, and a piano, he went about marrying his two chief loves within the studio space he built for himself. "I'd project films on the wall while I was working, " he recalls, "I'd shut the sound off, watch the movies, and make music to them. It was everything from David Lynch to Terrence Malick. Once it was started, he didn't stop until it was finished, the mood usurped the narrative and the music and visuals became intertwined.

In order to completely execute his vision, he enlisted the executive production and mixing talents of Rollo Armstrong [of Faithless], a longtime friend. "I wanted to make sure I didn't disappear up my own backside," Pete laughs. "Rollo came in and helped shape things. I'd go up to his place in the countryside once a month for a week and work. He allowed me to stay true to my own vision whilst gently allowing the core of the songs to push through.


When describing his sound and approach to his music, Pete compares it to that of making a personal mix-tape. “When you were younger, you'd give a girl a mix-tape to let them know what music you loved. It didn't matter if one song was De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and the next was R.E.M. It was more about the feeling the entire collection conveyed. By the same token, this album isn't about me. It's about the world the music creates for you the listener." 
Until The Ribbon Breaks is currently making the final touches on his debut album and plans to unleash a fantastical universe of spectacular sound & vision upon the masses very soon.