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Neon waves of 80s-style synths and grooving bass lines
We all hear the music, but you take it all the way through.
lyrics from Wild Style

On June 25th Hockey released ‘Wyeth Is,’ the follow up to their successful debut, ‘Mind Chaos.’ Ben Wyeth and Jerm Reynolds spent twenty-two months secluded in upstate New York writing, recording and fine-tuning the eleven songs that would become ‘Wyeth Is.’ The product reflects this period of isolation and reintroduces a band that has evolved on its own terms.

With ‘Wyeth Is,’ the band remains true to their love of vintage electronic beats layered under warm bass lines and guitar tones punctuated by the sincere lyrics and poignant vocal delivery of Ben Wyeth. The album kicks off with the driving bass line and lush keyboard riffs of “Wild Style” and Wyeth sings with a smirk of a character whose "wild style" represents the bold and unchained possibilities of life.  

“Dancer” is the band’s ambient ode to late night dancing “in the storm.”  On the triumphant "Thought I Was Changing" the band employs their self-referential lyrical approach, painting a picture of their psychological journey through the album making process. Rounded out by “Defeat on the Double Bass Line” the song is juxtaposed with cold, percussive electronic sounds and the warm vocals of Wyeth in his lament to lost love.