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High-potency Mexican electrofunk that'll keep the party going long after sunrise
Modificar la percepción que me da tu aparicion.
lyrics from Necesito Cambiar

Dapuntobeat mixes electronic, funk and rock rhythms for unique, organic fusion of sounds. Hailing from the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, Dapuntobeat is a futuristic fusion of Daft Punk’s organic EDM and Kinky’s synth-laden retro rock inspired dance music. Dapuntobeat was born in the heart of Mexico City in 1998 and, since its inception, the band has shared the bill with the likes of Stereo Mc.s, The Freestylers, Hot Chip, The Avalanches, Orbital, Justice, Fat Boy Slim, Calvin Harris, Leonard Cohen, Gnarls Barkley, among others. The band has also done remixes for artists such as Placebo, Beastie Boys, and Cassius. In 2006 DBP recorded a full length album entitled "Velodrom", which was released under their own label Sonido Chivaltraco, and distributed by Musart in Mexico and iTunes and eMusic internationally. Velodrom was also released in Spain by Actua Music in 2008. DPB also produced an album of remixes entitled Mexican 60s All Starts, in which they re-worked classic 1960s tracks by Angélica María, Alberto Vazquez and Manolo Muñoz. DPB has participated in a number of international festivals such as Festival Internacional de Benicassim (FIB), Spain 2001—where they performed along projects such as Stereo MCs, Orbital, The Juan Mclean, and Fat Boy Slim, among others — and at the Manifest, Mexico City 2005. In 2008, DPB were invited to Benicassim for a second time, amongst acts such as Leonard Cohen, Death Cab for Cutie, Hot Chip, La Casa Azul and Justice. In 2011, the band won the award for Best Electronic Album of the Year at the Indie O Music Awards, for their album “: 0” (dospuntocero). The band was signed to Nacional Records in 2013, and released their album ‘I/O’ in August.