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Little Radar

Point your beam to an Austin, TX group who combine fuzzed out rock guitars with psych and folk
For now our wrongs become our souvenirs, they always find us.
lyrics from Coming Clean

Austin four-piece Little Radar released their full length debut Souvenirs on August 6, 2013. The follow up to Up In Arms EP (2011) and Kill A Buffalo EP (2012), Souvenirs was recorded and produced by Grammy-Award winning engineer Mitch Dane at his Nashville based studio Sputnik Sound.

The title Souvenirs was pulled from “Coming Clean,” the album’s second track, “for now our wrongs become our souvenirs, they always find us.” Explains singer/guitarist Sean Hale, “It’s an album of struggle and shortcomings, how they loom around us and must be addressed. Whether it’s the pressure of success or the fear of failure, we’re all haunted. These experiences become our souvenirs.”

Many of those souvenirs were found on their first U.S tour in 2012. With high hopes leading to their first Northeast performances, Little Radar found themselves in a unique situation as they toured directly into Hurricane Sandy. Their first show New York show - a packed-house Red Cross benefit for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief. “You always hope your first tour will be memorable, but I don’t think any of us could have imagined what we would see and the stories we would get to be a part of on that first run,” says guitarist Trevor Hale. It was during the return to Austin, the band made good on an invitation to visit Sputnik Sound in Nashville, a studio run by Grammy-winning engineers Mitch Dane and Vance Powell. The encounter would provide the foundation for a fruitful, exciting, and collaborative relationship between the band and Mitch. “Mitch played us samples of the recent work he had done—I remember looking and the guys and we were all smiling; we were sold,” says Sean. Their signature fuzzed out guitars and elements of indie rock, folk and psych are enhanced with additional sonic textures of percussion, keys and synthesizers as represented in the first single “Siren.” “The instrumentation has a post apocalyptic theme. You will find bells, piano and omnichord featured in this song and all are firsts for us as a band,” notes Sean. “Lyrically I wanted to complement the intensity. And at the time I was living in a 388 sq ft efficiency on one of the worst blocks in Austin. Murders, robberies and drug busts were just a few of the frequent happenings while residing there. ‘It’s the sirens that let me know’...I was home.”