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Nuela Charles

R&B, soul, jazz, pop, and hip hop are united by a Canadian/Swiss/Kenyan-born songstress
I‘ve got no words, I've got no feeling. You just take them away, like I don't need them.
lyrics from You Got Me Good

Nuela Charles is a Canadian, Swiss and Kenyan born singer-songwriter whose music crosses boundaries and unites musical genres. Be it hip-hop, pop, jazz, R&B or soul, Nuela captures the spirit and confidence of them all. This artist is currently based in Edmonton, Alberta but much like her music has lived an extremely diverse lifestyle – calling three continents and four different countries home.

Her first full-length album “A Different Kind of Fire” was nominated for a 2011 Western Canadian Music Award for Urban Recording and one of the tracks “Summer” received a TV licensing synch on the hit television show “Degrassi: Next Generation.”

“Aware,” released October 23, 2012, is the culmination of the introspective journey into Nuela’s current state of being and the total surrender of that which cannot be controlled – life. With empowering, anthem tracks like “Take It Or Leave It” and “The Good In Me,” to the cinematic and inquisitive “Final Round” and “Traveling Heart” – this 2013 Western Canadian Music Award nominated album, is dark, moody and uplifting at the same time. “Unfortunate Love” has been described as “real, back in the day soul – a la ‘I Put A Spell on You’” and is shamelessly becoming the standout track on the album.

Having recently opened up for Ziggy Marley, in Calgary, AB, this three-time Edmonton Music Award winner is slowly emerging as one to watch, being dubbed “the future queen of Canadian soul” by CBC Music.