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Heidi Happy

Playful yet sophisticated symphonic pop from a young Swiss singer-songwriter
While I turn my head, you say I’m using you. I just take my time and say let’s stop, before I do.
lyrics from Turn

Heidi Happy is a Swiss Singer of international renown, a multi instrumentalist that has played shows and has had radio airplay all over Europe, America and Japan. Her catchy yet unconventional pop music, her sophisticated arrangements have been awarded many times over. Whether she plays solo, with her band or with an orchestra, her infectious stage presence has been bringing her a continuously growing fan crowd. As an in-demand duet partner, she has collaborated with world-famous acts such as Yello or Stephan Eicher. Her current album "On The Hills" unites all the good sides of her three previous records and presents Heidi Happy at the peak of her career as an artist. "On The Hills" (2012) combines everything that has helped Heidi Happy gather a large group of fans throughout her career: playful songs, catchy melodies, unconventional instrumentations, elaborate arrangements and a warm, direct sound. Originally planned as a "record in a week" with her piano player Ephrem Lüchinger, the band and a string trio ended up playing on some songs. Throughout the record, you can feel the joy with which everyone involved was recording. The album travels from country-folk to electro pop, and humorous organs as well as her trademark choirs and claps are prominently featured. With "Hiding with the Wolves" (2011), Heidi Happy had realized her ambitious dream to write for a whole orchestra. The result was a symphonic pop album like Switzerland had never heard before. The band was enhanced with "Camerata Musica", an orchestra from Lucerne, and the outstanding guitarist Charlie Zimmerman. The media's echo on "Hiding With The Wolves" was excellent, the album reached the top 10 of the Swiss Album Charts and was released in Germany and the USA, where it was played on over 60 radio stations. This contrasted with the weeks of complete seclusion in which Heidi wrote her most serious album up to that point. Her lyrics described the sad side of human relationships. With the single "Sarah", the album produced a radio hit for which she shot a video, together with her best friend Corina Schwingruber. In 2008, Heidi Happy produced "Flowers, Birds, and Home". She gathered excellent musicians around her: backed by Ephrem Lüchinger (keys), Gregor Heini (guitar), André Pousaz (double bass) and Arno Troxler (drums) she played on bigger and bigger stages around Europe and North America. The Album was released in Germany, Austria, Canada and Japan. Meanwhile, she became a much-demanded duet partner: she featured heavily on songs of international stars like Yello or Stephan Eicher and Swiss artists like Monotales, The Sad Riders, Zwicker or Coal. "Flowers, Birds, and Home" is a transition record. Its sound is complex and mature, but still retains all the playfulness of her debut. "Back Together" (2007) catapulted the 26 year old as a childlike playful folk girl into the public eye. Soft voice, skittish lyrics and flowery videos shaped the newcomer's image who was, thanks to songs like "Back Together", euphorically embraced by the media without taking herself too seriously. All self irony couldn't hide the fact that one was witnessing the growth of an extraordinary singer and composer. This opinion was shared by promoters all over Europe and America. Heidi Happy recorded this album near Amsterdam, where she studied audio visual arts. The video for "Du Da, Ich Da" was part of her final exam.