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Daughters Of Davis

Soul sisters from Winchester, England with an impassioned new folk spirit
Where do we go I’ve been so alone, travelling out to the sea. Salt saturated colour and tone, flooded disaster through me.
lyrics from Where Do We Go

Daughters Of Davis is a band made up of 'soul sisters' Fern and Adrienne Davis. Their music combines Mumford's 'new folk' energy, soaring sibling harmonies, and effortless, heartfelt soul. Their story is truly inspiring.The Daughters of Davis are one of the brightest and hardest-working acts in the UK today. Hailing from Winchester, Fern and Adrienne quickly earned a strong reputation in their hometown for their impassioned and captivating performances.

In April 2011, the duo stepped out in faith - gathering what money they could, selling their cars and even sticking it out at car boot sales in the rain, they managed to get the money together to take to the road. After purchasing a campervan off Ebay they went in pursuit of their musical ambitions to take their music across the country. Although living in a van has been a tough journey; braving the English weather extremities and overcoming many van breakdown disasters, it is one that has been worth it. Recent highlights include performing at Birmingham City FC pitch side to 17’000 people and supporting Alison Moyet at The London Royal Opera House, as well as a European tour from Paris to Rotterdam. Epitomising the true spirit of independence, Daughters Of Davis (photography ©Photocillin) match enthusiasm with un-nerving talent.