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A Genuine Freakshow

Orchestral pomp and grandeur artfully blended with pop, folk, and rock
Sing fair thee well to the grounds where we once stood, in a haze, a smoke, where the river bends no more.
lyrics from Where the River Bends

A Genuine Freakshow are an artful blend of pop sensibility, icy soundscapes and blistering walls of noise. Their sound, while impressively focused, covers a range of musical staples, with the group letting influences from Mew to Sigur Ros and The National surface throughout.

Their songs capture quirky, catchy pop akin to Pulp in their pomp and grandeur – and even geeky charm. This ability to combine the poppier elements of indie rock whilst maintaining an intricate, delicate soul is what they do best. With a line-up that adds violin, cello and trumpet to the standard rock four-piece of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, their live shows are a master class in how to do epic without slipping into pompous.

There's no real way to tell when A Genuine Freakshow came into existence, as the group are fairly unsure themselves. It has been agreed, for the time being, that the official Reading based seven-piece line up was born in 2008. After finding their equilibrium with a handful of self-released singles, the group settled into a touring schedule from 2009 onwards, playing over 150 headline and festival shows since the release of debut album ‘Oftentimes’ in late 2010.

April 2012 saw the band take a step away from the road and head to the studio with long-term collaborator and producer Jordan Fish to record a handful of new songs the band had written and been performing live over the summer of 2011 onwards. Originally planned as part of a new album, these 4 songs became a complete story of their own, so the band decided to release their first new music since 2010 with 4-track EP ‘Where The River Bends’ on 3rd December.