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Isle Of Rhodes

A shimmering homage to the vintage electro-mechanical piano
Youth is fleeting, your heart keeps beating, swim against the tide.
lyrics from Shoulders

Founded in May 2011 as the brainchild of keyboardist Rob Farren, Isle of Rhodes (IOR) hit the New York rock scene running. Immediately recognized for their energetic shows, this two-piece band developed a loyal following.

Concertgoers were drawn to IOR’s large and idiosyncratic sound coupled with their flowing melodies and exceptional hooks – created through an innovative use of a vintage keyboard called the Rhodes, and driven by Colin Berham’s dynamic drums. The two talented musicians sculpted a sound reminiscent of a three-piece guitar band without guitars.

In April of 2012, Isle of Rhodes released their first studio recording, All Rivers and Oceans. Met with critical acclaim, the band toured in support of their first record during the summer of 2012. While touring, the band began writing what would be their follow-up EP, Isle of Rhodes.

Recorded in January 2013, this new EP set out to capture the dynamism and energy of their live show, now honed from months on the road. With Isle of Rhodes EP released on April 23rd of 2013, the band is currently preparing for their second US tour of 2013.