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Nanna B

Sensual Danish neo-soul for heating up chilly Nordic nights
I wash my hands, to get clean with the truth.
lyrics from Sum O'Sometimes

Soul singer Nanna.B from Denmark released her first full-length album, Vitaphone, worldwide on October 29th, 2012. First single of the album, “Sum O’ Sometimes” spun much anticipation in music communities around the world, and caused American blog Soulbounce to write that: "This track has me anticipating all the neo-soul goodness that is sure to come from Nanna.B's debut album"

This new album presents a great deal of contrast. Nanna.B’s soft voice contrasts the heavy, dusty beats by producer, Damp. The album’s experimental elements contrast the traditional soul sound in which the album is rooted. And the warm, organic feeling on the album contrasts the rough, cold Danish climate.

"The big city vibe of American soul has always fascinated me, but fact is, I'm from a small town in northern Europe. I attempt to embrace the Nordic influence in my music, and to many ‘north’ equals melancholy, but to me it’s more about light nights, woods and magic. So I guess, I try to bring the forest into the big city,” says Nanna about Vitaphone. The title is inspired by a painting by American street artist, Basquiat, and consists of the two words, "Vita" and "phone", meaning "life" and "sound.”

While currently based in Copenhagen, Nanna.B recorded the entire album during the past year hidden in an analogue recording studio with her producer, Damp, in the countryside of Denmark, near her hometown Aarhus. Most of the tracks are with live instrumentation supported by samples and electronic compositions.

Besides features from Chicago based rapper Diverse and Danish beatbox champion and rapper, Nappion, the album also includes productions by Stacks and Rewolmer.

Because of all the love on blogs and social media for the first single and video “Sum O' Sometimes,” Nanna.B decided to put out Vitaphone for free for the first week of its life. She encouraged people to "receive it, hear it, share it, dare it, use it, refuse it, love it or leave it".