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Elastic Bond

Escape to a tropical psychedelic paradise built on Latin, soul, electronic, and Afro grooves
When you've got nowhere to land, I know you'll find a way to arrive.
lyrics from Find A Way

Elastic Bond is part of new generation of multicultural Latinos who incorporate music from the past in order to make music for the future. With sultry female vocals, Elastic Bond brings together a retro-futuristic combination of folkloric rhythms and electronic beats.

What started out as a project for Venezuelan producer Andres Ponce to experiment and create a unique sonic cocktail, was swiftly transformed after his harmonic textures were combined with the vibrant voice of Honduran singer/songwriter Sofy Encanto. Andres and Sofy met through a mutual friend in 2004 while sharing some music, the minute they heard each-others demo tracks, they both wanted to collaborate and make music together, so they started working on random tracks which later led to the creation of Elastic Bond. The name of the band suggests the idea of eclectic sounds and musical genres held together by a common vibe; it was loosely inspired in a molecular chemistry term. In 2006 they released an underground independent album called “Madrugada” a lounge electronica sound showcasing some of Ponce’s instrumentals, some tunes with Encanto’s vocals and also featuring a few guest musicians from the Miami music scene.

Soon Elastic Bond started performing gigs all around town incorporating the guitar sounds of Buffalo Brown and David Burgos on trumpet. While occasionally jamming out new tunes at live shows along with special guests which include “Orion” and Livan Hernandez on vocals they released a second independent album in 2007 called “Excursion”.

Their upcoming New release “REAL” is based on well-crafted pop songs and catchy melodies, with a unique style of urban tropical funk sung in both English and Spanish. There are nods to both classic soul and traditional cumbia, while always staying true to the modern sounds of their diverse hometown of Miami.

The first single “Pierdo El Control” was released on June 11th and the full album was released on June 25th.