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Nu-reggae/electronic music stemming from many cultures, but claiming no boundaries
My job is to make you listen to the words, and why not read this sound? Are you listening now?
lyrics from The Words

Need FLOX be introduced ?

This Parisian-based Englishman has been relentlessly shifting musical boundaries. The revelation of his “nu-reggae-electronica” by Radio Nova and France Inter in 2006 continues to retain a diverse and growing amount of followers.

FLOX’s new album is likewise : manifold. “All Must Disappear” is somehow the colourful meltingpot of more than 10 years of musical endeavor, on stage and on record.

The main ingredients that made his two former albums “The Words” and “Take My Time” classics are still predominant : a killer flow, (The Street’s Mike Skinner would grant him that) sometimes combined with a powerful groove, at others with a catchy reggae, or with a more electro, dancefloor flavour. Above all, the musicality of these songs is enhanced by a coherent world in which the lyrics freely tackle all topics, from the more touchy to the lighter.

As an artist, a craftsman and a producer, FLOX is very demanding about his own work, and is meticulous every step of the way. That’s the feeling you get listening to this home-made album, that was composed, recorded, mixed and masterized by the artist himself. A well-chiseled piece of musical artistry.

“All Must Disappear” is an innovative album, deeply rooted in modernity. It’s music will appeal to even the most demanding of publics.

Built for live performance, “All Must Disappear” will be defended by a full band. The musicians are faithful accomplices from the start, and being aware of the potential of his music on stage, FLOX has assembled some of the best : Nicolas Liesnard (Hugh Coltman, Catherine Ringer, Hindi Zahra) on keyboards, Marc Jacquemin (Bernard Lavilliers, Cock Robin) on drums, Claude Whipple (The Lips, Quinte & Sens) on guitar, and Vincent Benoist (Lidjo, ex Papa Wemba) on bass.

After more than 10,000 records sold, more than 250,000 views of the videoclip ”The Words” (PROTOCLIP International Award Winner), after more than 150 concerts end unanimous media support, the band is ready to conquer new publics and to serve a modern, unrestrained and mesmerizing music, stemming from many cultures, but claiming no boundaries. A no man’s land where a new musical age would be possible.