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A Lion Named Roar

A Louisville, Kentucky quintet lights up the kingdom with anthemic alt-rock
Looking back I wish that I’d been told that time is rolling like a picture show. Are you gonna make your name before the credits roll?
lyrics from This Won't Last For Long

A Lion Named Roar are men. Men that make pop music drenched in blue collar sweat and moral fiber. Although you’ll hear hushed sanctions of influence like The Killers and The Jayhawks, there are no apologies involved, because men don’t apologize.

“Foreign Land”, their EP released on November 27th, 2012, is A Lion Named Roar’s complete story to date, a band that has harnessed their sound that ultimately landed them (formerly under the name Waketheday) at Nigel Lythgoe’s feet for FOX’s “The Next Great American Band” -- beating out over 6,000 acts to appear on the reality competition.

Prior to releasing Foreign Land, the Louisville, Kentucky-based band indepentendly put out an album entitled Said & Done, which was released in February 2010.

On Foreign Land, throughout the EP’s six tracks, Chris Jackson’s voice binds these men together in a chinook of rarefied falsetto and powerful words that surely gave birth to A Lion Named Roar’s nom de guerre.

Joining Jackson is Tyler Anderson (guitar, vocals), Taylor Barton (guitar, vocals), Zach Hunter (drums), and Michael Brown (bass). Residing in the birthplace of bands like My Morning Jacket, Palace, and Ben Sollee, A Lion Named Roar’s time is now.