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Pacific Air

Eternal sunshine in the form of timeless indie pop
I would crawl out of this hole, if it wasn't so cold.
lyrics from Float

The origin of Pacific Air is not your typical band of brothers story. Yes, they are two brothers who also happen to be in a band but without a destination, Ryan (24) and Taylor (20) were perpetually on the move. Relocating twice a year along the West Coast until finally settling in Southern California when Ryan was 16, the Lawhons have the luxury of never experiencing winter, just eternal sunshine.

When they were young, the precocious siblings took an early interest in their mother’s record collection. Growing up on Ray Lynch, Laurie Anderson, and Enya, the Lawhons were undoubtedly influenced by the nurturing groove of ‘90s new age. However, they also possess an uncaged childlike aura akin to more contemporary auteurs like Andrew Bird, Michael Angelakos, and Trevor Powers. Taylor pinpoints their sound as “peaceful yet energetic”, a visceral dichotomy that bridges decades of music therapy.

First they were KO KO, named after a dream boat the brothers were eyeing, much like in the OC when Seth names his boat after his dream girl, Summer. They never got KO KO, the boat or the hot drink, but instead they became KO KO, the band. Although they had to eventually change their name to Pacific Air for legal reasons, it came to embody their inspiring, youthful persona. Despite his attachment to the name KO KO, Ryan admits, “Pacific Air further displays not just where we are, but who we are right now.”

With guidance from producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia), Pacific Air is finally releasing their debut album, Stop Talking. A contemporary meditation on timeless indie pop, the eleven tracks form an escapist archipelago that’s mood-alteringly blissful, inviting you to share the warmth of it's private islands. Their nomadic upbringing inevitably helped steer their anxious upbeat attitude, infused with rose-tinted nostalgia, invigorating melodies, and hypnotic whistles. The Lawhon brothers can only make music that goes places. It’s in their blood.