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Bored Nothing

Homespun Australian lo-fi/psych-pop that wistfully recalls sounds of the 80s and 90s
These trees that creak in time, my hands on copper line. I seal the cap with clay, race the fading day. This is the last jar.
lyrics from Popcorn

Bored Nothing is the recording project of one young Fergus Miller, who recorded a good deal of his songs as a nomadic teen with no fixed address and no plans or musical successes. He recorded these tapes while on the road and gave them to people on his travels: train conductors, hoteliers, record store clerks. His idea from the start was to write songs with electric guitars while trying to maintain a sort-of Daniel Johnston-esque approach to making and sharing music.

Fast forward a few years and the 20-something Fergus has settled down a bit with a fixed address and now calls Melbourne home. His self-titled LP is an expansive collection of home-spun psych-pop gems, compiled as a 'best of' from four previously released tapes. It could also be deemed a compilation album if it possessed more of a time lineage. It actually runs backwards in time though, and changes track severely. The songs take cues from the indie/alt-rock on the late 80s and early 90s, which is unusual for someone not even born yet during then. Reminiscent the golden eras of Flying Nun and Homestead Records while flirting with elements of shoegaze and 90 sludge, Miller's sublime songwriting is cooly concerned with youth and heartbreak, never with too much concern.

The self-titled record has five new songs that have never appeared elsewhere: its opener, ‘Shit For Brains’, ‘Darcy’ (which has a light and shade styling that sits with tape III standout, ‘Bliss’), ‘Echo Room’, ‘Build a Bridge (And Then How About You Get The Fuck Over It)’ and its closer, ‘Dragville, TN’. Fergus played all of the instruments on every track, excepting two small collaborations – friends Marcus Sellars playing electric guitar on ‘Get Out of Here’ and keys on ‘Snacks’ by Geoffrey Thorsen.