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Human Woman

Sleek & sexy Scandinavian electro-pop with sparks of indie rock
I'm feeling so numb, I'm feeling like a gum you're chewing on, for ages, months and always.
lyrics from Love Games

Human Woman is a combination of two extraordinary characters. Jón Atli a.k.a Sexy Lazer & Gísli Galdur a.k.a Galdur.

Galdur is a former member of the electronic pop band Trabant and has also played a central role in bands like Ghostdigital, Quarashi and various others. After years of performing around the world he took his music making to another level and started composing successfully for theaters in Iceland. This did not go unnoticed and he was rewarded for his composing with the prestigious Gríman drama award for Best Score. Alongside his composing he stays true to his Dj roots. Being one of Iceland’s most successfull and in-demand DJs he is known for his sheer variety of music spanning all genres making it a night to remember every time. Sexy Lazer is known for his roles in various bands.

Lately he has been collaborating with Kasper Bjørke playing bass and making remixes that make the crowd on dancefloors all around the world scream for more! Like Galdur he is one of Iceland best known DJs and spins at well known clubs internationally. He has also been the ‘mood manager’ for the party scene in Reykjavik and toured with the band GusGus making sure the mood was just right. "Being a mood manager is a hard job but it’s well rewarded“ says Sexy Lazer. Coming together in the studio the pair have forged a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, with their debut single ‚Delusional‘ in January 2012 and ‘Love Games’ later on in April. The EP release served as a teaser for their succesful self-titled debut album that got released mid of May 2012. Influenced by many different music genres the duo have cooked up a sensual, catchy indie-dance track that’s pleasingly reminiscent of the 80s, yet carries a great modern sheen thanks to the production skills of Human Woman. Cinematic, feelgood music for travelling, for friends, for living. In November 2012 Human Woman have dropped another stunning release on Hamburg’s hfn music. This frankly quite exceptional remix-album contains 12 remixes of Human Woman tracks. All original versions of these tracks have been taken from the band’s much-lauded eponymous debut album. Human Woman continues touring through 2013, amongst others at the first Sónar Reykjavík that took place mid of February 2013.