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Sarah Blacker

Emotionally-charged lyrics lifted by light jazz/folk vocals and a hint of ukulele
Walkin' out of one shadow only lands you in another shadow's wake.
lyrics from Shiver

New England Music Awards Female Performer of the Year, Sarah Blacker, recently released her new album, ‘Precious Little Things.” The six song album was recorded during the winter of 2012 and was produced and by Sean McLaughlin (Elliot Smith, Marilyn Manson, Death Row Records). The record kicks of with “Perfectly Imperfect,” played on the ukulele and highlights Sarah’s light and jazz inflected vocals. “Shiver” is an ode to growing up and growing wiser and features Fleetwood Mac inspired harmonies during the chorus. “Revelry” begins with just Sarah’s voice over handclaps – which act as the main percussive rhythm for the song and the vocals for “Revelry” were done live and in one take. Blacker and McLaughlin took an unconventional approach to recording ‘Precious Little Things.’ To get specific sounds, they miked instruments through a PVC pipe, they miked the wood on the studio's barriers to create more depth and resonance for the acoustic instruments and even used a fire extinguisher sign as a percussive instrument. No Depression cheers, “Sarah Blacker is one of the brighter artists to grab our attention recently. With a revelatory vocal that veers from a child’s skittish enthusiasm to the essence of emotion, she’s equally adept when it comes to expressive melodies.” The Philadelphia Local News raves, “Blacker is a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist from Boston. Her expressive voice and insightful lyrics have been known to have a therapeutic effect on adult listeners.”