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Spanish indie rock with an exquisitely-assembled wall of electronic textures and towering melodies
No veo los planes que puse en mi mente, pero sigo viendo monstruos cuando pulso interruptores.
lyrics from Wendy

It is no coincidence that generational depression brings with it proposals which are diametrically opposed to the midday news. Grises (Spanish for grey) is a rarity on the indie scene in Spain; their music isn’t about looking down and ducking your head, or the strange dark atmospheres of Mordor: their proposal is for the bottle half full, smiles, and good times.

Their first album “El Hombre Bolígrafo” (Origami Records, 2012) showed influences from the Anglo Saxon indie cosmos, and bands such as Foals, Glasvegas, and Editors.

In their new release, “No se alarme señora, soy soviético”, their sound has evolved towards an exquisitely manufactured synth-pop, a layered architecture of melodies and electronic materials. A wall of sound built around the dance floor.

The album was recorded and mixed in Gaztain studios —which are owned by singer and producer Eñaut— in the last months of 2012, a year in which they triumphed numerous festivals —Sonorama, Ebrovisión, Arenal Sound, Monkey Week...— and filled to the rafters the country’s top venues —Joy Eslava, Razzmatazz, Apolo, Siroco, Fever, La3...

While their first album established them as one of the most solid young proposals of their generation with simply overwhelming live performances, in this second one they are going all out, 10 mind-blowing anthems; the second instalment of a party that looks tailor made to do the rounds of the major festivals.

There is no vaccination against grey fever.