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Boho Dancer

Three kindred spirits on a mission to touch others with their Nordic-inspired folk music
There's a key to a cellar, I don't know where it is. Some people have it, and hide it away.
lyrics from The Clerk

When Ida Wenøe picked up her mother's dusty guitar at 11, she first discovered the magic of creating. She uncovered a universe where she could control and decide everything for herself. Since then, everything in her life has been about songwriting. In music schools, at songwriter camps in Denmark and the US, and for the past 4 years as a singer and songwriter in the band Boho Dancer.

Ida and her fellow Bohos, drummer Asker Bjørk and bass player Símun Mohr, have developed a strong and unique expression. Their debut album 'Gemini' documents their special brand of nordic inspired folk music. Boho Dancer are reaching for their innermost core, but are also reaching out to their audience. The trio fully walk the line in songs like 'Slept On A Silver Platter' and 'Waiting On A Summer...', they deliver catchy pop tunes like 'Fictional Reasons' and a beautiful duet featuring CODY's Kasper Kaae entitled 'Like Rain'.

'Gemini' follows the debut EP 'Furry Skin' (2012). The EP brought much praise to the band including a Danish Music Award Folk nomination and an Underground Music Award for best alternative act. Boho Dancer have performed at numerous festivals in Denmark and abroad, they have supported Danish rock legends Sort Sol and labelmates CODY at tours in Denmark, and on their way they have taken a step up to become well-known in the home country for great songs and memorable live shows. Boho Dancer are not afraid to take on the big stages, although their real mission is capturing the presence of the live music experience and the people involved in it. The awe-inspiring presence comes from the incredible voice of Wenøe, but also owes a lot to her bandmates' skilled interaction with her every phrase. Boho Dancer's 'Gemini' is a recorded testament of three kindred spirits on a mission to touch others with their music.