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Pigeon Hole

Machine gun drum programming thrashing with massive bass and chopped-up synths
Weighing the good against the bad, it's like a war is breaking.
lyrics from The Sink

Pigeon Hole are two Vancouver Island based producer/mc's with a constant evolving sound and ability to crank out next level music.

Their output as members of Sweatshop Union (Colin “Dusty Melo” McCue and Lee “Marmalade” Napthine) is evidence of leaps in style, delivery and approach from album to album.

In 2010, Pigeon Hole released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Age Like Astronauts, on URBNET Records. It was released on the same day as two other Sweatshop Union side projects; Dirty Circus’s Alive and Well and Trillionaire$’s By Hook Or By Crook.

The album was nominated for the 2011 WCMA rap recording of the year, and features collaborations with D-Sisive, Moka Only, and Sweatshop Union colleagues DJ Itchy Ron and Mos Eisley. Using the MPC 2000, they pieced together a mix of samples, analogue synths, live instruments, and sharp lyricism - their debut outing spoke to listeners from the opening note to its final fade out.

Chimp Blood, the group’s second record, delivers a sound so powerful it’s impossible to ignore. Trading in their original blueprint for a heavier bass-driven electronic sound, Pigeon Hole attack with all new artillery. Chimp Blood thrashes over a foundation of grimey synths, sampled and chopped over machine gun drum programming, 808s, and massive bass. An epic hybrid of music that will make you feel like you can levitate.