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Polyrhythmic electro-pop with grooving bass lines and thought-provoking lyrics
I’ve got nowhere to live, but I’ve got places to go.
lyrics from Parting Gesture

In the weird, hyper-speed blog-world of the 21st century musical underground Fiction's 80's inflected, thoughtful, outsider indie has served to set them apart from a revolving door of faddish trends and fly by night 'scenes'.

Taking a template determined by debut single "Curiosity", the London based quintet of James Howard, Mike Barrett, Nick Barrett, Dave Miller and Jacob Smedegaard saw their rich mash of poly-rhythms and spidery guitar lines pay dividends when second single Big Things was picked up and playlisted by 6music and chosen for an advert by Ford.

With recording for their album underway, Fiction's multi-instrumentalists honed their live performance with a number of high profile support slots-- Warpaint, Metronomy and Everything Everything-- and dropped a new track "Careful" in the summer which The Sunday Times regarded "unquestionably one of the singles of the year."

Now, the distillation of eighteen months work, The Big Other produced by Ash Workman and James Ford, was released by Moshi Moshi on March 4th. Relaxed and more comfortable in itself, with a more restrained exploration of melody and harmony than you'd have guessed from their earlier singles, The Big Other showcases how far Fiction have come in their musical development.

Second single "Museum" works as a fitting introduction. Lead track "Parting Gesture" is "one long sonic ramp" whilst the slinking, low-slung and almost groovy bassline of "Vertigo in Bed" proves yet another highlight. Album closer "The Apple" pays homage to Alan Turing, who was persecuted for his homosexuality; it proves a poignant finale to this ambitious and stunningly developed intricate album.