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The Wilderness Of Manitoba

Poetic Canadian chamber folk for reflective days in a forest
As we're lining up for a golden night, I will follow you around until the stars hang by.
lyrics from Echoes

In its four year existence, the Wilderness of Manitoba has released three albums and toured the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the US. The highlights range from their UK live debut at the End of the Road Festival where they received a standing ovation to playing the Philadelphia Folk Festival and meeting Levon Helm; from opening for such acts as Cloud Cult, the Head and the Heart, Other Lives and Aimee Mann to performing the WOMAD festival in the UK with artists like Robert Plant. 2013 promises to be just as exciting, as the band released its EP, the Leslieville Sessions, in the U.S. on April 9th.

The Wilderness of Manitoba is one of those bands that is constantly evolving. As it starts a new chapter in its creative life, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Will Whitwham explains, “Every band is a collective whose body of work is defined by those involved at certain points in time. I've often written songs intended for specific people and their strengths.” With vocalist/violinist Amanda Balsys and bassist Wes McClintock now fully integrated into the Toronto-based band, there is more of an emphasis on Whitwham and Balsys’ duo lead vocals and the more dynamic rhythm section. Balsys also brings another songwriting voice and a wide range of influences. Drummer Sean Lancaric says, “This band always has and always will rely on inspiration to produce anything. New voices start new conversations.”