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I Can Chase Dragons

Sample and loop-based experimental dream pop with Latin American flavor
Yo siempre dije que soy solo un poco controlador. Me escondo en las plantas hoy y todo gira a mi alrededor.
lyrics from Cuantas Caras

I Can Chase Dragons! is the solo project of Julio Gudiño, lead singer from Mexican band The Plastics Revolution, who is currently based in Boston.

With an expansive sonic palette, his music could be described as sample and loop-based experimental pop: a unique mixture of Latin American flavors rescued from old vinyls, psychedelic synths coexisting with tropical melodies, and electronic rhythms dyed in Caribbean colors, perfect to transform any place into a party in a beach.

As a consequence of Julio’s bicultural life, I Can Chase Dragons!’ music offers a unique mixture of Latin American sounds like cumbia and Mexican folklore with more modern styles such as electronica, psychedelic pop and shoegaze. This fusion is also present lyric-wise, with half of the songs being written in English and the other half in Spanish. In promotion of its debut album “Expansión”, edited in January 2012 by the independent label Dos Pelícanos, I Can Chase Dragons! has performed in different important cities around the world such as Boston, New York, London, Milan, Amsterdam and Mexico City, including shows in festivals such as CMJ Music Marathon, Corona Capital and Festival Marvin. In September 2012, I Can Chase Dragons! joined Arts & Crafts Mexico, rereleasing “Expansión” under their label. As a rewarding closure to a very promising year, I Can Chase Dragons! was chosen as one of the 5 best Mexican indie bands by the NME and included in the ‘Best of 2012’ listings of important Mexican media such as Reactor 105.7, Ibero 90.9, Revista Marvin, Me Hace Ruido, Mercado Negro, URL Magazine and others.