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A trio of young brothers with energetic indie rock songwriting skills well beyond their years
That's my blunder, that's your gain. Flicker, shimmer, shine all my other tricks in vain.
lyrics from Griseous

Canto is a family affair, a band consisting of three brothers all under the age of 20; Seamus Blackwell (Vocals, Guitar), Aidan Blackwell (Bass) and David Blackwell (Drums), who have a drive and talent that is beyond their years. The brothers, three of nine, come from a family that has always been heavily involved in music and were seemingly bred to play, Seamus says “I was surrounded by musicians growing up, because of it, I wanted to play any instrument I could get my hands on.“ Right down to the name of the band, which is a Latin word meaning “to sing” they showcase their love for the classics, from literature to music, and it is wildly apparent in each track on their debut album “HA HA HA.” With a strong support system and a dedication to their music that knows no bounds, they’ve created an eccentric mix of music that’s a throw-back to classic rock yet distinctly modern.

Their music is heavily influenced by the rock music of the 1960’s and 70’s, taking you back to the psyechedelic undertones one would find in Led Zepplin and The Who, and truly showing their ability to create and play music that seems incredibly beyond their years. Canto has exhibited refreshing originality in their writing, managing to combine their classic rock sound with the energy of a mature and operatic alt-rock sound that is something of a signature for them. They don’t allow their classic rock influence to leave them outside of mainstream listener’s airwaves, invoking a perfectly blended sound that is both surprising and addicting. From Seamus’ wailing voice to David's and Aidan's pounding riffs and their collective intelligent instrumentations, each track on their debut album “HA HA HA” is expertly crafted by the trio.

With talents that will only continue to grow and a steadfast dedication to their unique sound, their rising star is sure to shine even brighter. Canto’s stellar debut album “HA HA HA” is currently available on iTunes.