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Deptford Goth

Yearning, intense synths and forlorn vocals seamlessly fused to create an ominous atmosphere
Don't know where you are, just backgrounds floating. Next one isn't far, keep tight to many people.
lyrics from Life After Defo

Hailing from Peckham, in South London, Daniel Woolhouse started creating music under the name Deptford Goth in late 2010, mixing his songwriting roots in guitar and piano with a more electronic approach.

He made his debut with the single “Real Love Fantasy,” which was followed by the release of his debut EP, Youth II, through Merok Records in October 2011.

Woolhouse sees his music as, "sitting somewhere between real and synthetic", but the emotional impact of his alter ego Deptford Goth is about as human as it gets.

Imbued with an intimate, intense, yearning melancholy, perfectly matched to a seamlessly woven 'scape of synths, beats and atmospheric vocals, new album 'Life After Defo' (released in March 2013) confirms the arrival of an astonishing new talent.

But who is Deptford Goth? We know his real name, age (28), the color of his eyes (blue) and that he worked as a primary teacher's assistant before committing fully to music. He's already turned out remixes for Purity Ring, Blood Diamonds and S.C.U.M. and his talent extends to making the videos to "Feel Real", "Life After Defo" & "Union" himself.

He has been compared to James Blake in that electronically tweaked zone where synth-pop, R&B and soul meet; whilst lovers of The xx may recognise a kindred spirit. But the haunting electronic soul of "Life After Defo" feels very different to both, and three times as heartbreaking.