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Liesa Van Der Aa

Theatrical avant-garde experiments in rock and classical music
When you’re near, I fear the difference between you and me.
lyrics from Into The Foam
  1. . Liesa is only five years old when she first plays the violin. Bach and Mozart are her loyal companions. Along the way, the old masters have to share Liesa with contemporary artists like The Velvet Underground, Prince and Chet Baker.

In 2009 and 2010, Liesa performs together with several musicians, but her solo shows remain her core business. The combination of a classical training along with a strong urge to experiment results in music that combines avant-garde, soundscapes in rock music.

It's no coincidence that her music also finds its way into theatre. Her compositions can be heard in De Geruchten (Guy Cassiers), a piece in which Liesa also performs as an actress. Liesa writes the music for IJsland, a widely acclaimed short film by Gilles Coulier.

On Feb 6th, 2011, Liesa Van der Aa released her album Troops. The album was recorded and mixed in the studio of Einstürzende Neubauten in Berlin, together with Boris Wilsdorf as producer, engineer and co-producer with the Neubauten. Just about everything you can hear on the album was composed and played by Liesa.

Her main instrument, the violin, is used as apercussion instrument, trumpet, orchestra, bass guitar, or just to produce pure noise. In that way, Liesa and Boris built an empire of sound. An ode to a lost revolution and love. The marching of troops is never far away.

On a couple of tracks you can hear guest musicians contributing to the album: a Berlin child choir, the musicians of belgian band DAAU, or trumpet player Jon Birdsong.

The album also has a visual aspect. Liesa went looking for 10 directors, film makers and video artists and asked each of them to make a video for one particular song. The result is a list in which we find theatre director Guy Cassiers, video artist Walter Verdin, and fashion photographer Marc Lagrange.

Spring 2013, Liesa will be making her opera debut, the Berlin-based Kaleidoscope-ensemble will be playing the music that she wrote.