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Boat Beam

Delicate impressionist landscapes of folk, indie pop, and classical music from a Spanish trio
Are you sure that you saw the rawest version of me?
lyrics from Sabio

Two years is a lot of time. Enough to tour Japan, Vietnam, play in Paredes de Coura in Portugal, Primavera Sound, BAM, Low Cost and other important festivals, be heard on all the best radio shows, from Radio 3 to BBC. It ́s enough time for new sounds and influences to be planted and to take seed. Two years (almost) in which to grow, get wiser, get better.

Boat Beam are three girls who met in Madrid. And Josephine, Alisha and Aurora - an Australian, a North American and a Spaniard - are continuing on this journey together. Almost two years ago their first album Puzzle Shapes was born and immediately captured everyone ́s attention. Critics applauded the originality and fresh air that their sound brought to the Spanish music scene, situating it somewhere between folk, pop, indie and classical music. Puzzle Shapes was a beautiful record, full of intimate songs and personality, and Boat Beam made a name for themselves doing something different.

And it ́s still the same. Almost two years after their debut, after countless performances around the world, award nominations, the limited-release EP Paper Birds, the inclusion of their song “The Rain Pauly” in the Spanish film Planes Para Mañana, and other experiences within and outside the music scene, Boat Beam has arrived in a new place. “Are you sure that you saw the rawest version of me?” sings Josephine on the track “Sabio.” And a little later, “you assume that I ́m gone but I couldn ́t be more present.” The lyrics on this album, with their distinct ocean imagery, reflect a new confidence, and a world in the middle of enormous changes. The music still smells of wet leaves and conjures impressionist landscapes but it has evolved. It has become stronger, braver, more daring and more varied. And all without losing the Boat Beam style.

The synths on “Axis of Rotation” sound like they ́ve always been in the Boat Beam collection of instruments, although in reality they ́re a new addition. “Fishing for Spears” is fast but never loses its calm. “Sharkfins” is hard reality wrapped in caramelly sweetness served with reggae-influenced guitars. “Pollen on the Dust” is epic and intimate at the same time.

The second album from Boat Beam is finally here. It's called Reincarnation and that ́s exactly what it is - coming back as a wiser, stronger, better self - and all of this in only (almost) two years.