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Natural Child

Let the good times roll with the Nashville trio's fun-loving garage rock
I ain’t gonna stop just because I get tired. Oh I remember the day when I was always wild. Well I might change, but I can never retire.
lyrics from Ain't Gonna Stop

It all started in the Summer of 2009, in Nashville, Tennessee, when bassist/vocalist Wes Traylor ate a few too many special brownies and had a vision of starting the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world. He shared his vision with drummer Zack Martin, and called up guitarist/vocalist Seth McMurray not once, not twice, but thrice. Thus, Natural Child was born.

The trio are known as much for their incessant rambling on-stage banter as their unprecedented pure rock sound. They’ve worked mercilessly hard to gain the title that Wes originally envisioned, and they have the balls to show for it. Natural Child have a plan that involves Jack White to befriend Keith Richards and be the opening act on Rolling Stones farewell tour, thus having "the greatest rock n' roll band in the world" torch officially passed on to them. Not Jack White.

Before the birth of Natural Child, Wes and Zack used to play together in a band called Kintaro. Wes was also in Meemaw with Daniel Pujol and Jessica from Heavy Cream, while Seth was in a band called The Horribly Wrong. As Natural Child, they released their first self-titled 7” in October 2009. This was followed by the Bodyswitchers EP in February 2009, the White Man’s Burden 7” in June 2009, and a split 7” with Strange Boys in January 2011.

Their debut LP, entitled 1971, was released in April 2011 on Infinity Cat Records. Natural Child have followed this up with two more full-length LP’s, For The Love Of The Game (2012) and Hard In Heaven (2012).