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Francois Peglau

Clever and playful melodic folk-pop from the quirky mind of a Peruvian troubadour
We go to school, we learn the rules, and then we sense there's nothing left to choose.
lyrics from Who Wants To Go?

Few new artists encompass the current do-it-yourself, spread-it-yourself ethos more than Peruvian indie pop singer/songwriter (/producer/video art director/ keyboardist/ ukulele player) Francois Peglau.

His debut solo release, The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau (2011), a gathering of clever and playful melodic pop folk tunes (which he has termed “socio-Peruvian lo-fi pop”), was written and recorded in the humble surrounds of his North London flat above a hairdresser.

But, as song by song was released online it captured the attention of an enthusiastic flock of bloggers from his native Latin America to Japan, Australia, the US and Europe, reaching MTV Iggy who described Francois as "some kind of cross between a happy-version of Bob Dylan and a lo-fi Stephin Merritt". In addition to this, one of his songs got to 17th place on Hype Machine and he received an invite to that year’s SXSW Festival in the US.

For each song, Francois has made an equally lo-fi video to accompany. Directed, filmed and edited by his wife, and featuring their friends, the videos tell of Francois’ playful and dark sense of humour. The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau, is the compilation of two years work which began when Francois moved to London from Lima in 2009.

Having left cult indie band Los Fucking Sombreros in Peru to move to the British capital, Francois was inspired by his new status as an immigrant in a rapidly collapsing financial capital to write his first solo album.

Other, more musical influences on the album are Elliot Smith, the rhythm of Jimmy Cliff and the politically-charged songs of left-wing Chilean artist Jorge Gonzalez.

In April 2013, Francois will release his second solo album.