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Young Dreams

Pure wanderlust in the form of symphonic tropical psychedelic pop
Like sailors, we set for the sea. We're restless, that's why keep on moving. Not empty because of our young dreams. We'll live forever.
lyrics from Young Dreams

Oscar Wilde famously said, “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

For Matias Tellez and the rest of the members in Young Dreams, dawn is already here. After uploading three tracks to their Facebook page in November 2010, the band quickly received an overwhelming response from international music press and blogs. This included attention from The Guardian, The Fader, Nylon Magazine, and national music radio shows. They were also asked to play key European festivals like the Hove Festival, By:Larm and Camden Crawl. The Bergen-based Norwegian collective now just has to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. Fusing tropicália, psychedelic rock, traditional pop, and classical symphonic arrangements, as well as recalling the classic sounds of Brian Wilson and Phil Spector, Young Dreams both adheres to and upends the conventional definitions of pop music, creating a sound that’s at once refreshingly familiar and daringly unique.

In 2009, Tellez, already an established solo artist in his home country, began to think past the rock quartet he was fronting at the time. “I was tired of singing and wanted to do something else,” Tellez says. “I wanted to explore bigger sounds and more expansive compositions, but I couldn’t afford to rent studio space for that long. Now we own a studio and it felt natural to do something bigger and more symphonic. There are no limitations when you have nine people on stage.”

As word spread of Tellez’s new music, more and more singers and musicians asked to be part of the group, thus turning a standard band into a full-fledged collective. The group locked themselves in a basement to work on new material and emerged two weeks later with a handful of songs and their sanity and friendship intact.

In “Young Dreams,” vocalist Chris Holm sings, “We’re restless/That’s why we keep on moving/Not empty/Because of our young dreams.” The innate youthful urge to travel and leave home is palpable, but for Tellez and the rest of Young Dreams, this restlessness extends past geography into musicality. Young Dreams exist in their own world; one influenced by the past but always looking forward. A sovereign nation of 12 like-minded souls, restless, eager and always dreaming.