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South African hip hop that emerged from Johannesburg's battle rap scene
Just doing my thing like I'm supposed to. New school, but a little more soulful.
lyrics from Do It Like I Can

Having come up from Johannesburg’s battle rap scene it’s safe to say Reason (Sizwe Moeketsi) is now showing signs of a consummate and well-rounded artist.

“As the world keeps turning I’m just watching, waiting for my turn to prove myself,” Lebo Mochudi (former lead singer of Voodoo Child) sings Reason’s personal angst with a piercing sweetness. But a quick glance down his list of achievements will show you that, actually, that time is here and now. In 2012 Reason began enjoying a moment in the limelight which is unlikely to fade any time soon.

Officially, it all began with Walk On Water, his spot on the motion picture soundtrack for the multiple international award-winning South African film Otelo Burning. Then came Do It Like I Can, the lead single for his debut full-length album Audio3D which reached number one on various regional and National radio stations including Metro fm, 5fm, and Ukhosi fm charts, eventually topping the South African RAMS local radio airplay charts.

As a star player in Motif’s team of heavyweights (Zaki Ibrahim, The Fridge) he is a cut above the rest by default – what with Hip-hop luminary and label boss co-sign Tumi Molekane. Both co-headlined the stage with Talib Kweli at Sprite’s recent Uncontainable Hip-hop Talent Search across Southern Africa and most recently opening guest feature at a Kanye West concert in Johannesburg.

Few rap debuts have ignited this much excitement on the scene. And ‘A Lot On My Mind’ threatens to fuel a full-on frenzy thanks also to refined first-rate bass and synth-heavy production by South African Music Award winner 37mph (JR, Jozi, Nomsa Mazwai).

This introspective follow-up single, catchy and disarmingly sincere, sums up Reason’s stance at 25 – so half way between youthful vitality and wise maturity: In one line you’ll hear how he tends to family obligations “while still trying to lay nice raps.” By all accounts, there is nothing to worry about. The kid’s got this!