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Bishop Morocco

Hazy guitars and glacial synths made for soundtracking melancholy daydreams
Oh you felt like giving, when you want for a living. Although I'm above you, there's no one to love you.
lyrics from Last Year's Disco Guitars

Bishop Morocco is the musical vision of James Sayce and Jake Fairley. The Toronto-based duo recorded its 2008 self-titled debut at a homemade studio inside their shared apartment in Groningen, Netherlands, earning international attention from the likes of Parisian tastemaker Collette and helping develop a strong following at home in Canada.

In the six years leading up to the formation of Bishop Morocco, Fairley (aka Fairmont) had been living in Berlin, turning out techno hits on labels like Border Community and Kompakt. Meanwhile, Sayce played in bands like Tangiers and the Deadly Snakes.

When Sayce (who had been friends with Fairley since their high school days in Toronto) was on a school exchange program in Groningen, Fairley left Berlin and the two friends built a studio inside of their apartment.

Two years later, Bishop Morocco arrived on Arts & Crafts with Old Boys, a six- track EP on which the band strays from its original new wave influences towards a thicker, more contemplative sound, aided by the addition of Ian Worang on guitar and Jon McCann on drums.

A savvy delivery loaded with smart electronic instrumentation and richly textured melodies, Old Boys was recorded at another homemade studio, this time inside Fairley’s mom’s guest bedroom in west Toronto.

The EP is at once proof of Bishop Morocco’s collective progression as it is an expression of constant shifts in hometown imagery and the ongoing personal evolution of its principal members.

Old Boys was released on Arts & Crafts on March 13, 2012, marking Bishop Morocco’s arrival as a fully realized project, relying less on paths forged by members’ favourite bands, and instead endeavoring to blaze a stark trail all its own.