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Funky, feel-good disco nouveau from two fresh-faced producers
No I can't focus on the after, too busy living for now.
lyrics from The End (ft. Daryl Bar)

Hailing from Istanbul and Miami, Ulas and Kake Koca are duo Surrender! which have made an extraordinary impact in their short career to date. Describing themselves as “weird and different” the young producers are making waves well above their tender 3 years of production experience being self proclaimed fans of disco giants such as Justice and Nile Rodgers. The best part of that being most of their material could have been produced by either of those parties.

Previously known as Optimo they've already been heralded by numerous blogs for their fresh-faced, unabashed brand of disco nouveau, with their debut single ‘Locate’ topping the Hype Machine chart, the idiosyncratic funk of Phonat’s mix of ‘Travellers’ reaching the top 10 on Beatport’s Indie-Dance/Nu Disco chart, or their ode to vintage northern soul, ‘Conflicted’ clocking up more than 1000 downloads within one day of release.

Having received extensive support from a host of A-list DJs such as Aeroplane, Digitalism, A-Trak, Villa, Treasure Fingers, Breakbot and Moguai, Surrender! unleashed their eponymous debut album in August 2012. A tour-de-force of classic drum-machined house, vintage European soundtrack obscurity and feel good nu-disco, the album features the talents of highly-vaunted Oakland songbird Jhameel and Sharooz.

Further focusing on a burgeoning collaboration between La Bombe's Swedish counterpart Blende the future looks bright for Surrender! Their debut release Synapse already clocking in over 10k+ plays in a few meagre days. Other highlights include an excellent reworking of West Phillips “Sucker for a pretty face” for Belgian label Eskimo.