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Elle Macho

An international trio makes Nashville their homebase for their swaggering, extroverted rock'n'roll
Blood red heart on her sleeve stabs the pain of pain itself.
lyrics from Conquistador

Elle Macho is an international rock trio consisting of bassist/vocalist Butterfly Boucher (AU), guitarist/vocalist David Mead (US) and drummer/vocalist Lindsay Jamieson (UK). The band released its debut full-length Import on February 5th, 2013. A promotional video for the albumʼs last track, “Conquistador,” was released on January 22nd.

Elle Macho formed in 2008. Boucher and Mead, both formidable solo artists, joined forces with Jamieson to write music that would be both completely collaborative and as extroverted as possible. Import, the result of nearly four years of work, is a brilliant and occasionally confounding collision of post-punk asymmetry and French Romanticism, a set full of haunting three-part melodies that stab, swagger and sob over streets of broken glass.

“Conquistador” is only one of eleven stand-out tracks in Import, but the band felt its lyricsʼ narrative qualities demanded an appropriate visual realization. Director Joseph Anthony Baker and Jamieson sketched out the videoʼs plot together: Boucher, in the role of a female torero, is pursued in and out of a dream state and reality by two assassins (Jamieson and Mead). Filmed on location in Nashville and at a ranch in Dickson, TN, the piece not only documents the inherent dichotomy of the songʼs story but also that of all of Elle Machoʼs music.

“We write everything together,” says Mead. “Which could be a disaster, given the size of the three personalities in the room. The challenge for us is to channel all of that energy away from its potential chaos and into something harmonic. It takes a long time to do it right, but itʼs kind of amazing when it works.”