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Moros Eros

Intelligent lyrics and dark, guitar-driven melodies that are equally bright and raucous
Madness seems so normal when you're the only one in the room thinking. Madness seems so normal when you're the only one in the room feeling.
lyrics from Madness Seems So Normal

Is it possible to make an album that is entertaining, risky, and eclectic, yet cohesive, intelligent, and fluid at the same time? The boys in MOROS EROS think so, and have confidently taken the challenge. MOROS EROS created a genuine and unique (words that seem to escape the majority of recording artists as-of-late) blend of dark, raw guitar driven rock perfumed with extraordinary pop melody.

Their debut, I Saw the Devil Last Night and Now the Sun Shines Bright was greeted with extraordinary praise from critics across the board, boasting reviews like “These former nobodies are fast becoming major players” (Alternative Press) and “Wide-eyed, but not naïve, smart but not pretentious.”  (BILLBOARD)

The quartet set out to not only prove the statements well-deserved, but to also break whatever preconceived notions critics and fans alike have come to believe about them.

The new record, Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity is the reflection and reaction to the past 12 months of the band’s life. Zach Tipton’s lyrics again are controversial, raw and truthful. The blunt, cynical words dish up hard pills to swallow, tackling topics of life after death as well as God and the larger picture of life as we know it.

But it’s the infectious, bright and raucous music that are delivered in irresistible bouncy melodies that make the band’s medicine go down a little smoother.