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Dream Carousel

Sweet, swooning Filipino twee/indie pop that makes the heart grow fonder
Dancing freely in the wind, you make me feel crazy.
lyrics from Merry-Go-Round

Armed with wit, innate musicality and strong hometown pride, Dream Carousel makes lush and vivid pop, jazz and soul music that ratchets up all time favorites.

A brainchild of Ace Del Mundo, drummer of the former Philippine indie-pop band Orange and Lemons and now, guitarist for the pop band Kenyo, Dream Carousel is a refreshing presence on live music stage.

With influences ranging from the late Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark, The Beatles, Barry Manilow, Club 8, Camera Obscura, Mocca and Swan Dive, this Bulacan-based group started in the local music scene with covers from their favorite musical mentors.

While the covers drew a wide range of audiences to the music of Dream Carousel, original compositions like “Merry-go-round”, “No Matter What” and “These Little Things” conveyed the deeper sense and spirit of what this young band is all about.

Launched in July 2011, under the indie label Darkus Music, the band’s first album “These Little Things” marked a milestone in the local music scene where listeners’ were heralded with original melodic treats with a touch of nostalgia. This initial project has been featured in various indiepop compilations from Southeast Asia, US and the UK.

Providing the buoyant musical experience are Jam Hilario (vocals), Mark Tolentino (guitars/backup vocals); JP Ignacio (bass guitar/backup vocals); Roel dela Cruz (trumpets); Jayvie Perez (saxophone); and Allan Vergel de Dios (drums).